Saraya Solutions is based in Sydney and is a part of the Saraya Global Group of companies. We have nearly 70 years experience in designing hand and surface hygiene products for the professional food and medical markets. Following increasing demand for our products in other industries we have launched Saraya Solutions.

Using Japanese technology we design reliability, consistency, and effectiveness into every product. We are the researchers, designers, and manufacturers of our products, with a focus on quality. By creating products that feel great it will encourage people to use them. Yes, you can feel the difference and so will your customers and your staff.

At Saraya Solutions we care about the wellbeing of people and helping businesses reduce risk in regards to germs and bacteria often spread through cross contamination. Our range of hand and surface hygiene products, educational material, and informative blogs are focused on helping you protect your staff, your customers and your business. 

We understand that equipment reliability and the effectiveness of the product is important. Cost, service, and impact on the environment is part of the decision process, and protecting your clients, teams, and business is paramount.

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Our office and warehouse is based in Sydney. We carry all our stock in our warehouse and dispatch daily.

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It All Started in 1952...

In post war Japan Mr Shota Saraya identified the need for improved hand hygiene, and continued to innovate with the first plant based biodegradable detergents  in 1971,  to alcohol based hand sanitiser in 1979, and a world leading No-Touch Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser in 1982. 

Saraya has continued to focus on researching and developing products that are not only effective, but that people want to use, that are consistent and reliable, and add value to our health and the environment.

Please watch the video from the President of Saraya, Mr Yusuke Saraya as he outlines his vision for Saraya and the future.

President Yusuke Saraya

Through our company's history, we have seen technology, economy and the environment experience drastic changes. These past few years, we have seen the lasting effect of our growing population on the environment. It is too clear to ignore. Our oceans are reacting to rising temperatures from climate change, leaving us wondering how rising seas, migrating fish and shrinking ice caps will ever return to the state we have always known. As a company, it is our responsibility to respond to these changes through innovation for the future of our company and the environment. Every step of our journey since the start has been an ever progressing road of innovation based on the vision our company was founded on.

We must take responsibility to enact a reverse change on our habit of generously using the earth's precious resources. While the development of cheap and accessible energy speeds ahead, without knowing it, sustainable business and lifestyles have become further from reality. We owe everything to nature, but we continue to develop more waste and more problems in order to utilize our natural resources. To create a sustainable environment out of these problems requires taking the challenge to innovate from our current model of life and industry into a new model of sustainability. This will truly put business to the test.

Fortunately, the innovation and creation behind all of modern earth's amenities came from companies and thinkers who imagined a better world. This genuine expression of human ingenuity can lead the world on a path to sustainability and generations of harmony.

It is vital that businesses work together with NGOs so the world we know can last. SARAYA is making the challenge to utilize innovation, even for the smallest change, as a central player in the promotion of biodiversity and the improvement of hygiene and sanitation in countries from all levels of economic standing for a better future. Renewing our pledge, we will drive to do our part in realizing a sustainable world